Quito, Ecuador

BESTECHNOLOGY is a consulting firm providing professional services in enterprise application deployment with a focus on Supply Chain. It has national coverage and specialists with more than 10 years experience.



Founded in 2000 by highly experienced senior executives, e-novations is specialized in high quality and efficient system implementation, focused on deploying in Brazil worldwide best in class solutions that delivers superior Supply Chain optimization, higher service levels and reduced operational costs.



Inovatech is a brazilian company with 19 years experience present in over 16 cities in Brazil. One of the leaders in the supply of Logistics solutions in Brazil. Twice winner of the Top Log Prize for offering best warehouse management system (WMS). Flexibility and Specialization are their trademarks that create involvement in customer's design.


C.A.B.A., Argentina

Planifi-k is a consulting company with presence in the Southern Cone and offices in Buenos Aires, specialized in the optimization of logistic processes using world class software applications. We trust in the technology optimizing processes distributing software solutions used in the world's recognized companies, as well as PYMEs that are at the forefront of new technologies. We work with our clients focusing on improving productivity and customer service, reduce costs, automate processes and improve the quality of information.



PROCALIDAD S.A., Colombian company dedicated to the consulting services in Businness Analytics (BA) with emphasis on Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Planning (BP), with over 25 years of experience in the market. Specialised in designing the architecture and implementig solutions of BI, BP and strategic improvement of the Supply Chain by using the best practices and cutting-edge technologies to meet the customer´s needs.

Saez & Asociados

Avenida Parque Sur 1602 B-15, Valparaíso, Chile

Saez & Asociados is a company specializing in process optimization throughout the Supply Chain, Stock Management Specialists, Logistics Operations Management, Logistic Organization and its Human Resources, Deployment of Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Evaluation and Implementation of Management Systems WMS Warehouses and Implementation of ISO Standards for Logistic Operations.