New York, NY, USA

A. B. Computer Systems is a leading provider of turnkey business management software solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Established in 1989, A. B. Computer Systems specializes in the implementation of Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service, CRM and Internet Commerce Software.


CHAINalytics LLC

Atlanta, Usa

With operations spanning Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City and Bangalore, Chainalytics provides global comprehensive consulting services to improve supply chain performance. Specializing in the application of advanced decision sciences technology, Chainalytics supports improved strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making for complex supply chain operations.


Competitive Logistics

Atlanta, Usa

Competitive Logistics provides its clients with cost effective, technically sound solutions that provide measurable results. Engagements are self-funding because our associates identify and focus on opportunities where implementation costs are offset by immediate improvements in logistics operations.



Manassas, VA. USA

INSIGHT, Inc. is a world leader in providing supply chain solutions and consulting services. Company's products are designed specifically to meet the challenges companies face in the age of dynamic business, from cutting costs in supply chain networks to improving strategic and tactical decisions.


Operations Associates

Greenville, SC, USA

Operations Associates is an award winning consulting firm, serving mid-size to Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors worldwide since 1993. Operations Associates optimizes processes and systems and delivers smart Manufacturing and Distribution facilities.



Atlanta, GA, USA

ORTEC is a leading provider of global logistics solutions and services, with particular optimization focus in the areas of vehicle fleet routing and dispatch, pallet loading, workforce scheduling, demand driven transportation forecasting, and dynamic network planning. ORTEC is partnering with ToolsGroup for the Predictive Commerce solution.



Lexington, MA, USA

Planscape offers best-in-class production planning solutions for food, beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers. They enable companies to achieve customer service goals at high levels of operational efficiency through powerful optimization and 3D graphics.



Boston, MA, USA

Rulex® provides automatic products and services for predictive analytics and big data applications in vertical markets such as supply chain, marketing, risk forecast, automation and biomedical. Rulex® solutions are based on our innovative machine-learning technology that natively deals with heterogeneous data and automatically extracts models of behavior described by IF-THEN rules. Rulex® products are must-have tools for proactive managers who want to make fast and aware decisions leveraging real world data.