COVID-19 Action Center

COVID-19 Action Center

With a crisis like COVID-19, planning for the usual is impossible. At ToolsGroup we’re all about being ready for anything--even the unpredictable. Working together, we can achieve target service levels while optimizing inventory, even with complex supply chains and changing demand.



  • Capture unprecedented demand shifts
  • Rapidly respond to shifting demand with short-term forecasting
  • Monitor influence of external and daily causals on demand


  • Assess and adjust safety stock levels
  • Collaborate and assess supplier impact with what-if scenarios
  • Optimize inventory and service levels under budget constraints


  • Reposition and substitute stock to combat both scarcity and spoilage
  • Instantly detect and correct stock imbalances
  • Distribute inventory to protect service levels

COVID-19 Risk: Enable Swift and Efficient Response to Supply Chain Disruptions

Unpredictable behavior in response to macro events creates demand volatility in every link of our global supply chain. Your best defense against radical uncertainty is a resilient supply chain that’s ready for anything. Evaluate your COVID-19 supply chain risk, and learn how you can recover rapidly and be ready for the next disruption.

Customer Support for COVID-19 Planning

Backed by our expert support options, ToolsGroup customers can quickly take action when supply chain disruptions occur.

Scenario Simulation Services

Model and assess a range of demand, inventory and supply planning alternatives to measure resilience and responsiveness, protect against gaps, and identify opportunities

Model Health Checks

Your business faces new opportunities and challenges--a Model Health Check assures your demand, inventory and supply planning model and operations are aligned for success

KPI Monitoring and Benchmarking

Measure outcomes to continuously improve overall supply chain performance

Premium Care Options

Expert resources to help solve planning challenges on the spot

COVID-19 Resources