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Consumer Goods

Businesses complexity is growing, driven by multi-channel marketing, the growing influence of demand shaping (media, promotions, NPI), and the impact of the internet on buying behavior - to name just a few factors. To manage and ultimately profit from this complexity, marketing and sales departments are investing in modern data infrastructures to unlock valuable clues to customer sentiment and behavior, even including technologies such as social media channels.

Unfortunately most companies’ supply chain systems and demand analytics haven’t begun to catch up. Most are still using forecasting approaches based on cumbersome algorithms and time series of aggregated sales history. This inability to integrate, analyze and take advantage of increasingly available data is causing forecast accuracy to get worse when it could be getting better.

The good news is that most companies already have the data they need to achieve big improvements. Armed with powerful demand analytics and supply chain optimization tools, ToolsGroup helps companies move towards a market-driven forecast. We help model the marketing-related data that “shapes” demand heavily influenced by marketing initiatives. We capture and model the market attributes that impact the demand signal, generating more signal and less noise, and improving the forecast, inventory and service levels. We help consumer goods companies achieve sustainable service levels as high as 99+%, yet typically with 20% less global inventory.

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