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Powerfully Simple VMI

Unlike many VMI solutions, ToolsGroup’s VMI Replenishment captures the demand signal for vendors and optimizes their inventory planning process. It consistently and automatically delivers up to 99+% service levels without significant manual intervention. It reduces excessive expediting and improves retailer/supplier relationships. It gets replenishment right by responding to the sales signal.

ToolsGroup’s VMI Replenishment produces reliable and robust daily forecasts using comprehensive, highly automated, and self-adaptive statistical modelling. It uniquely models demand for each “Ship To” Location and operates on a daily level with a real calendar underneath – automatically identifying days within the weeks, weeks within the months, and seasonality.

Then it calculates inventories required to deliver promised customer service levels. Rather than simply replenishing to a fixed inventory target, manufacturers can define service level policies (SLAs) with retailers and dynamically calculate optimal inventory targets to comply.

Finally, it automatically generates daily replenishment proposals to meet the target service levels for each SKU-Location. Optimal loads are calculated for each truckload. Multi-tier scalability makes store level replenishment possible if reliable perpetual inventory levels are available. And it can simultaneously plan multiple supply chain structures and also dynamically move SKUs from one flow path to an optimal one.

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