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Powerfully Simple Inventory Optimization

ToolsGroup’s inventory optimization is uniquely capable of managing slow movers and long tail items and is also ideally suited for companies targeting high customer service levels.

Employing our Powerfully Simple approach, ToolsGroup’s inventory modelling is highly automatic with an extremely low cost of ownership, delivered either as a low cost cloud-based inventory target setting service or via hosted or on-site software. Yet it routinely generates million dollar ROIs via increased service levels, reduced stock-outs and improved inventory turns.

Unique statistical demand and inventory models reliably describe the relationship between inventory and customer service, identifying the right inventory mix to truly deliver customer service targets. And rather than assign the same "one size fits all" service level target to all SKUs in a group, Service Level Optimization assigns different service targets to each individual SKU-Location, further driving inventory savings while still achieving the same overall service level mix.

ToolsGroup’s Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) performs an intelligent simultaneous global optimization over a large assortment of SKU-Locations, considering other SKUs up and down the supply chain. It is highly effective at finding the most globally efficient balance between upstream and downstream inventory.

In the manufacturing supply chain, ToolsGroup handles multi-level Bill-of-Material (BOM) conversions back to raw materials while considering production resource capacities. Upstream production “pushes” based on forecasts. Downstream assembly is “pulled” by market demand. Adequate levels of materials, subassemblies and finished goods are positioned to assemble on demand within acceptable service-time. This trade-off establishes an ideal decoupling point for each product and solves the inventory staging problem using postponement strategy.

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